Sunday, 10 August 2008

Scrapped a new one!

This morning I sat down and quickly scrapped a page for Colormedaisy's weekly challenge: use tone on tone colors (blues) with a splash of one color of choice, use 2 different sized photos, the lo must have at least 2 photos and the layout also needs to include some journaling and at least one stamp (not a journaling block). I had these photos of Jippie from last winter, which I wanted to scrap for ages and now finally the perfect opportunity arose!

The rest of the day went by very quickly and we didn't do very much I'm afraid. The kids were extremely bored and couldn't find anything to do except of course playing on the PS2, the NDS, the computer or watching tv..... (how sad is that?). Sometimes when I think back to the time I was about 10, we didn't have computers or PSs... I feel so terribly OLD!! Is it the same with your kids? or are mine the only ones???? (please say it isn't so!)


  1. My kids are the same although we just watched the olympics all weekend.

  2. ach monique nog even wachten dan gaan ze heel andere dingen doen, shoppen, veel make-up uitproberen of heeeeeeeeeel veel gitaar spelen hahaha
    En je lo'tje is weer hartstikke leuk! (ff vraagje als ik hem groter wil zien en ik klik hem aan dan gebeurt er niks of is dat de bedoeling, ik vind het namelijk altijd wel leuk om lo's in het groot te ekijken)