Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Yes! Today we finally bought my new laptop!!! A beauty! I'm so happy!! I'll show you a photo tomorrow!

As Timothy was staying with his friend Hugo there were only 4 of us today. Strange!

This morning Nelleke and I took our dogs, Jippie and Siepie, and the kids for a walk in the "Delftse Hout". The dogs loved it; they jumped right into the water! After walking for about an hour the kids began complaining and we decided to go back home.

In the afternoon we went shopping and Mats rode on several "kiddie cars". He had so much fun! Lucky for me I had my (little) camera with me.

And of course, we had something to drink & eat at the Hema.....

When we returned home Manon and I scrapbooked a little (photo tomorrow, as it's too dark now) and around 7 pm I went to pick up Tim. He had had the time of his life (went to an indoor kids playground), was terribly tired and went straight to bath and to bed!

In the evening I watched an episode of James Herriot: nostalgia!! I bought the dvd of the first series last week as I got the 4th series for mothers day and liked it so much that now I want to have the rest of the series as well! And by now it's 11.40 pm, I'm dog tired, but still have to walk the dog, and wanna go to bed!

Welterusten! xx


  1. I love that princess carriage..do you know where i can get one in my size?

  2. What a busy day. We are dog lovers in this house too - what sort do you have? We are waiting to get a new puppy later in the year - an Irish Setter. Have missed having a pet in the family.