Saturday, 9 August 2008

Yeah, I'm using my new laptop!!

Not all my programmes are installed yet (like my MS office, Picasa, Incredimail, etc.) but I'm connected to the internet and that's what counts, right?

My laptop is such a beauty!! (Except for the white keyboard that is, I wanted a black dh had to laugh so hard, he almost toppled over.)

Here are some the specifications:
ACER Aspire 7720G-6A3G25Mi
- Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 (2.0Ghz/2M) Mobile Processor
- LCD: 17,0" WXGA
- Memory: 3GB DDR2
- HDD: 250 GB
- ODD: DVD Super Multi Double Layer
- Modem: 56k
- LAN: Giga lan
- Softload: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

I will have to get used to Vista...(would have preferred to keep my XP but that wasn't possible) and to the keyboard (keep typing wrong letters).

The kids are very happy too, they get my old desk top and can finally play all their tycoon and sims games!

This is it for now, see you all later!
(off to the scrapbook store in Voorburg for my weekly coffee with Yvon!)


  1. so jealous you have a new laptop!!!!!

  2. You sound just like me. I have recently got a new laptop and getting used to Vista. Still have to add Picasa to mine as well. We haven't got wireless internet yet so thats next on the list. I don't think my husband realised that most of the the things I do on the computer are internet based! He does now! The kids have got our old laptop for games and are banned from downloading anything onto the new ones. Yep, we got two new ones.