Thursday, 18 September 2008


So, Monday I said, I'll never make dinner again. Either the kids don't like it or they quarrel so much the food ends up on the floor and Jippie eats it. But of course, the next day, like a good mother, I prepared something they did like (pasta with cheese for the kids and with chicken, veggies and sauce for us) and all went well!! But yesterday! Yesterday was even worse than Sunday and Monday. At 17.10 pm the table was set and I called everyone that dinner was ready (early because of Timothy's soccer game at 18.00) and what did they tell me? Oh thanks mum, but we have to leave in 5 minutes if we want to be on time for the game!! Apparently they forgot to tell me that the soccer game was rescheduled to 17.30 instead of 18.00 hrs!!! And since Timothy wasn't in his soccer clothes yet, he only had 1 minute! GRRRRRR!!!! So now I'm serious! I'll never ever cook again!!! As far as I'm concerned they can starve!!! (a little)

The only good thing was that since Patrick had to go to the soccer field too, I had the dining room table all to myself! (because he still has the whooping cough, he's at home the whole day, behind his laptop at my dining room (scrap) table)! So as soon as Mats was in bed I scrapped a whole hour! Show you tomorrow what I made, cause it's not finished yet.

Instead I'll show you a Christmas page I made a while ago. Here it is:


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with table battles. My kids now know that what they get dished up is "it" and don't bother asking for anything else. Aaron still tries though! LOL. I do miss having a dog for clean up though.

  2. Beautiful! It makes me ready for christmas! thanks for the birthday wishes! It made my day to come back and see all the happy messages :)