Sunday, 14 September 2008


First of all, Renate, sorry I couldn't make to your 40th birthday tea!!! Can we do it again next year?? Please? Hope you had a wonderful afternoon!! Call you tomorrow!

Today I had to drive around town a bit: Manon had had a sleepover party, but had so much luggage, I had to collect her, Timothy had a soccer match in the morning and a friend's birthday party in the afternoon and yesterday I didn't feel like shopping so I had to do it today....and then of course there's Jippie who wants her daily walks. This morning she jumped in the most awful, dirty, stinking ditch she could find!! Grrr!!! I then had a black Cocker Spaniel instead of a white one. But my day was good cause in between it all, I got a little bit of scrapping done!

This is my take on this week's challenge at ColorMeDaisy. I scrapped an old photo I found in my piles and piles of photos which are lying around the brought back such happy memories, I just had to scrap it. It also reminds me of how time flies (terrible!).

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  1. Oooh I like that one. It sure was a busy weekend for you then but at least you scrapped! LOL