Monday, 12 January 2009

Last day of skating fun!

We had such a wonderful weather this weekend! Sun and ice all around! (but freezing cold!). And because today, Monday, the temperature would be rising above freezing point again, everybody went skating! As did we (well, to be honest, the only thing I did was taking photos and pulling the sleigh). Here are some photos...

Sorry for the bad quality of the last one; it was getting dark so early! but as I don't have many photos with all 3 kids I wanted to show you anyway...


  1. To me that is just incredible that it is so cold that the whole lake (?) is frozen over. What a wonderful family thing to do.

  2. Wat hebben jullie genoten van het ijs! De foto z-w van Manon is super, net of ze helemaal alleen op het ijs is!

  3. Heerlijk he, dat ijs. Mooie foto's...... dat wordt een winterse lo!! groetjes, Stefanie

  4. Leuke foto's! En de laatste foto is ook mooi! Zie je ook duidelijk dat ze in beweging zijn! En is prachtig zo met z'n drietjes!