Monday, 11 May 2009

New stuff!!!

I promised to show you all the scrapbooking stuff I bought in the States, so....... here it is!!!

And yes, I needed an extra bag to take it all home, but as Patrick had anticipated this that was no problem! But because we bought a lot of clothes too, we needed another extra bag! LuckilyPats aunt from Sacramento had one for us!!
And last but not least, the books I found!!

I can almost start a shop of my own!! (but I don't want to part with anything!)
xxxx Monique


  1. Wauw, wat een boel mooie spullen! Ik wil ook scrapshoppen in de States:) :)

  2. Anonymous11 May, 2009

    WOW!!!! You did buy alot of scrappy stuff Monique. Lots of goodies there for you to play with. Good on you! :)

  3. Yahoo go you!!! Check out all those owls and animals. LOL. As for the books have read several Debbie Macomber and Fern Michaels. No wonder you needed an extra bag. Welcome home.

  4. Anonymous11 May, 2009

    Dear Mrs.
    Unfortunately you have gone way over the Duty Tax amount. We have to tax you on all items, we will contact you shortly.

  5. Wow, Monique, you did very well for yourself!

    Lots here to keep you very busy for a long time.

  6. Bij de eerste 3 foto's dacht ik nog "dat valt wel mee" Maar het valt niet mee! Wat een leuke dingen, de stempels zijn super, en de uilen dingen, wat zul je daar blij mee zijn!
    Ik mis nog al de magazines........ foto!!! LOL

  7. Anonymous13 May, 2009

    Wat een leuke spullen heb je gekocht in de USA! En ja het is best veel, maar je komt er waarschijnlijk voorlopig niet meer..... :):)
    Lekker veel leesvoer ook.
    Die nieuwe Dick Francis is ook weer leuk trouwens.
    Groetjes, Stefanie

  8. Yikese Monique! I didn't see so many photos of you going into all those scrap shops to get all that stash! You can imagine how I'm feeling now...seriously jealous!!! I love the Owl stuff the most & some awesome punches & stamps in that lot too - you do know that you aren't going to have ANY time to read those books???!!! as you are going to be scrapping up a storm with all that stash ;-D

  9. Anonymous14 May, 2009

    Zooo dan!! Best leuk die spulletjes :-)
    Vooral het lint ziet er super uit. Geniet ervan, je zult foto's genoeg hebben om te scrappen.


  10. Wow! I don't even know how to get some of that stuff! You must have been saving for a year! Where do you find Hambly? I've only seen some of that stuff online and I'd still have to pay shipping ... but it's awesome that you got it! I can't wait to see what you do with it!