Saturday, 29 August 2009

A new pet!

Did I tell you about our latest addition to our household?? No, I don't think so....Manon's biggest wish was to have a little rabbit, but as I'm allergic to them I've always told her NO!! until now, that is.... Last Sunday we collected this little dwarf-rabbit:
Isn't he cute??? He has his home in the garden, so I hope I'll be okay with my allergy (as long as the kids keep washing their hands after cuddling him! and how long will that last.... I know... sigh).
Jippie thinks this little rabbit, his name is Smiley by the way, is a special present for her!!! and is trying to find a way into his pen. Although now, a few days later, it seems they have accepted one another. They greet each other nose to nose and Jippie has quieted down a lot. But as she is still a hound I have to keep alert though!


  1. Wat een lief konijntje is Smiley. Goed om te horen dat de hond het nu ook wat beter met haar kan vinden.

  2. Awww that is one cute rabbit - so she wore you down did she? LOL

  3. Wat een schatje. Leuk hoor en fijn dat Jippie zo snel is gewend aan de nieuwe huis/tuingenoot. Veel plezier met Smiley.

    Ik liep wel erg achter met je blog lezen geloof ik..... :)