Thursday, 22 October 2009

England, part 3

The morning is very much the same as the other ones....Patrick leaves around 8, we have a full English breakfast and afterwards walk around the centre, take a few pictures, visit the bookstore and have coffee (not in Starbucks but in Marks & Spencers this time). But today the afternoon is different, because Patrick has taken a few hours off!! We decide to go to York, a wonderful city....when the weather is fine! and of course that wasn't the case today!! It was raining cats and dogs!! But we went anyway.
After 1 hour strolling around and becomming soaking wet we had had enough and drove back to Leeds through the countryside.
This evening we had our dinner in a Turkish restaurant. I was the only one who didn't want to go, but afterwards I had to admit, it was a long time ago we had such a great meal!! It was the first evening even the kids ate the lot!
So much for now, have a wonderful evening and see you soon! xx Monique


  1. oh I love your photo's. So real English. Still wish I was there with you.
    Marks and Spencers..... that's been a long time ago. I enjoyed lots of visits when they were in Den Haag.
    Dinner looks yummmm

  2. Pity about the rain. You sure are getting to taste lots of different cuisines!! LOL

  3. I am so envying you right now. I would love to go there sometime. Have fun!

  4. hei dear, have a great time! enjoy

  5. Sounds great Monique - have fun!
    Groetjes aan jullie alle 5, Stefanie

  6. "Hi love..." teehee... I'm still jealous of you (despite that rain - btw, you can buy great umbrella's in England!) but love to look at your photo's!

  7. and now it all came to a happy end.... thanks for the company in Leeds. I will be back tomorrow all alone.
    But look forward to the next joint event... in Paris in December.

  8. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for stopping by to say HI. See at CMD :)