Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Photos Disneyland in Paris

Yesterday I promised you some photos from our Disney outing!!

We stayed in the Davy Crockett Ranch in this brand new cottage. I think we were the very first family to stay in it!!
And this is how we got our breakfast!! At the end of our road there was this little cabin where we got a real french breakfast complete with french bread, croissants, hot chocolate and coffee!
And of course there was a Christmas tree in our park.
.... and a Disney store!!!
We had to drive about 10 minutes to get to the park.....
and as soon as you entered the park you saw this!! Isn't it beautiful??
And of course we saw the parade... (well, a small version of it).
And here's the castle.....
and Manon "lost" in Alice's Curious Labyrinth...
Queing for every ride...

Having dinner with our party in the Silver Spur Steakhouse:
The girls got on like a house on fire...
And after dinner we saw this. Doesn't it look magnificant?
Sunday when we went to the Studio's park it started snowing again:
but the kids didn't mind:
Patrick and Timothy got a fastpass for the Tower of Terror and willingly got in the elevator for some free falls..... (I didn't!! Not for a million!!)...
Monters & Co (4 of them, LOL!):
A white park (and a snowflake on my camara lens...):
and some sweets for the way home:
Arjen and Ellen if you're reading this....Thanks a million from all of us for this unforgettable weekend!!!
Everyone else thanks for looking and don't hesitate to leave a comment!!
Hugs, Monique


  1. Gave foto's allemaal! Zo te zien hebben jullie je super vermaakt:)

  2. Oh wow!!! Wish I lived closer too Monique. LOL

  3. Geweldige foto's, jullie hebben het geweldig gehad. Jullie boffen enorm!

  4. Leuke foto's Monique, jullie zijn inderdaad bofkonten (maar van harte gegund hoor!).
    groetjes, Stefanie