Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wednesday Idea Day!!

.... well.... okay Thursday Idea Day today, LOL! As we've been sitting in the car the whole day yesterday, Wednesday turned into Thursday... :-)

I found my idea for today's post in the newsletter from PK Glitz, but you can also find it on their site, here!

It's about embossing brads and because I just bought some embossing powder this idea was just what I was waiting for!!! So I decided to share it on my blog!

Here it is:

Why you don't need embossing ink when embossing metal brads!

If you use embossing ink when powder embossing brads, you will find that the powder will have a tendancy to "flake off" especially after it cools.

A better way is simply to:

1. Heat the Brad

2. Dip it into Powder Keg Embossing Powder

3. Check for any unmelted bits

4. Reheat lightly from behind the brad 

5. Voila, you have a beautiful brad and the color is on to stay. 
This was my tip for the day! Hope you'll like it!! 

Hugs, Monique 

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  1. Very interesting Monique! I have everything I need to try that out so will do it when I need some - thanks for sharing!