Sunday, 1 August 2010

ScrapStreet & an award!

Today the new issue of ScrapStreet is online and I'm in it!!! Here's a sneak of the layout that's in it: (I have to wait until the 1st of the next month before I can show you the whole layout... )

This was the very first project I created for myStampBOX!!

HERE is the link to the magazine and you'll find me on page 12!!! Wohoo!!

Furthermore I received this award from Romy:

Thanks Romy!! I'm very happy with it!! Although.... it came with the assignment to tell 5 random things about yourself....

Hmmm, well okay, here goes:
  1. I love autumn and winter and I don't care very much for the summer.
  2. I love reading! Ever since I was a little girl I read (every spare moment of the day!) ....
  3. I can be very snappy and short tempered, especially when I'm tired or stressed for time.
  4. I'm in HR and have come to the conclusion I don't like it anymore (at all!!).
  5. I would love to go and live in California, but alas, no real autumn/winters there, but a cute little cottage Cornwall/Devon will do too!
So, now you know me a (little) bit better! The next thing is to decide who I'm going to give this award to.... This I find very hard!! I would love to give it to all of you, but in the end decided on these talented ladies:
Can't wait to read their random info about themselves... :-)

And what have you been up to this weekend??? Except from redecorating our bedroom (bleh! not done yet..) I've been scrapping! Big surprise, huh? I finished a layout for Inkido (yes, I did it!!) and one for myStampBOX (it's up on the blog, but will be published on the 10th of August... you'll have to be patient).

And now I'm off to bed (and finish "The Girl Who Played With Fire" by Stieg Larsson).
Hugs, Monique


  1. Thank you Monique will have to have a think about those 5 things. LOL. Off to check out that mag now.

  2. Gefeliciteerd met je publicatie in Scrapstreet Magazine! Je layout is ook wel héééél erg mooi! En de award heb je dubbel en dwars verdiend! Leuk om door zo'n lijstje wat meer over je te weten te komen:)

  3. Me too Vicki.... So have to think about that! lol!
    Thanks Mo, you are so sweet (not that short tempered and snappy!)
    Congrats on being published! So proud of you!!!

  4. Congrats on the pub!!!! And nice to get to know you some more through these facts... I can relate to some of them... *teehee*

  5. Oh thank you so much Monique.. an honor to receive this from you my friend. Congrats on the publication, I love you work.

  6. Congrats on beeing published, Monique! The layout is super cute.

    And thank you for the award. I'll post a few random things about myself when I'll be back from my mini cruise to Kiel, Germany (leaving tmrw, back on Friday). See you :-)