Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Step-by-step tutorial

One of my Crop Addict dt assignments is writing a step-by-step of one of the layouts I created with their kit. Last Sunday I posted my step-by-step tutorial of "Mom can we go to the water?".

Have a look HERE!!

If you bought this month's kit then you'll know it's GREAT to work with!! I loved every single thing and couldn't stop creating! So if you did and you need some inspiration then I have a little step-by-step tutorial for you!!

Here's one of the pages I created with the kit: "Mom can we go to the water?" (the one question my 5 year old son asked me every single minute this holiday!!).

Gather your supplies: August 2010 Crop Addict Monthly Kit, August 2010 Crop Addict Monthly Kit Option, three 3,5” x 2,5” (b/w) photos, circle template, a border punch, green scrappers floss, brown journaling pen and adhesives (including foam adhesive).

2. Use the sheet of brown cardstock as your base.

3. Tear from your piece of blue patterned paper (Adornit, Shuffle Check Blue) on each side about ¼“ and adhere to your cardstock.

4. Trim three strips of patterned paper as follows: Bella Blvd skippin’ stones, circle side: 1,5” x 10,5” Bella Blvd skippin’ stones, orange side: 1,5” x 9,75” Bella Blvd bookin’ on the beach, brown side: 1,5”x 9” and carefully tear a very little strip off the sides.

5. Next use a border punch to punch the strip of brown dotted Bella Blvd (bookin’on the beach).

6. Take your brown Adornit paper (journey defined) and a circle template and (draw and hand) cut half a circle (circle measures 8”). Then place your template a bit lower and do this again so you end up with a “strip” in the shape of a circle.

7. Adhere the (strip of the) circle to your paper as follows: the top of the circle 4” from the top of your blue background paper and 5” from the right side of your blue background paper.

8. Adhere the three strips of paper to the bottom of your page while layering them a bit on top of each other.

9. Adhere your centre photo to a photo mat, made from your sheet of Adornit “journey defined”, the greenish side.

10. Adhere your three photos to the strips of paper at a little angle.

11. Take three chipboard buttons from the “Bella Blvd Chips Badda Bings” sheet (from kit option) and tie a bit of floss (from your stash) through them.

12. Glue the buttons to the bottom of the centre photo.

13. Glue one of the Bella Blvd chipboard expressions from the “Bella Blvd Chips Badda Bings” sheet to the top of your centre photo.

14. Glue the Bella Blvd chipboard photo corners from the “Bella Blvd Chips Badda Bings” sheet on the left and right side of your series of three photos at a bit of an angle, while not touching the photos.

15. Adhere your title along the top of the circle, starting with the alpha stickers from the Bella Blvd “alphas and bits” sheet followed by the chipboard alphas from the Bella Blvd Ciao Chips Alphabet (from the kit option).

16. Adhere one of the journaling stickers from your Bella Blvd alpha & bits sticker sheet, to the left of the middle strip of paper and add hand written journaling.

17. Add chipboard star from the “Bella Blvd Chips Badda Bings” sheet to the top right corner of the journaling sticker.

18. Cut out a strip of paper with the words “travel” from the sheet Adornit excursion stripe and adhere to the top left corner of your blue background paper.

19. Adhere piece of striped chipboard from the “Bella Blvd Chips Badda Bings” sheet right under the strip of paper (mentioned under 18.)

20. Take your blue bottle cap and use a hammer to slightly flatten the sides. Glue on top of strip of paper and striped chipboard in top left corner with some double sided foam tape. And you’re done!!

Hope you’ll like it!! If you have any questions please let me know on the forum, I’ll be happy to help!!

Hugs, Monique

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  1. Ziet er goed uit, Monique, je tutorial!

    Groetjes, Marjan