Thursday, 14 October 2010

I'll be on TV!!!

Well not "me", but my layouts!!

Tuesday I got an email from Tricia (Epiphany Crafts) if I wanted some of my layouts - using the epoxy shapes from Epiphany Crafts - shown on QVC-UK next Tuesday October 19. Of course I said YES!!!

If you want to see what I'm talking about, here's the link. It's a home shopping channel and Tuesday is Craft Day. They are going to show/sell some of the Epiphany Crafts tools and needed examples.... mine!!! If you click on "watch QVC live" (on the left) then you can see the programme!!
How cool is that?!

And what I'm also all excited about is that some of my projects with these - awesome - shapes will be shown at the next winter CHA!!! I'm gonna be famous!!! :-)

Doing a happy dance right now!!!
Big hug,


  1. congrats thats COOL!!!
    have a nice day...oeps vergeet dat t gewoon in t NL kan...nouja,je begrijpt wat ik bedoel...SUPER dus!!
    Fijne dag,Jolanda

  2. Ohh, wow dat is gaaf!
    Gefeliciteerd, kan me voorstellen dat je een vreugde dansje doet.

  3. Wwauw, wat gaaf! Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 'tv-debuut':)

  4. ooh leuk joh!! Is natuurlijk heel gaaf, geniet ervan Monique!

  5. Ja, je bent inderdaad een beroemdheid aan het worden. Erg leuk en nog veel plezier met Epiphany Crafts.