Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Doodlebug { Happy Mail }

What is Happy Mail?
Happy Mail is a concept Stacy Julian presented to Cynthea Sandoval (Doodlebug) last year at a trade show.

What is the Happy Mail Campaign?
The following statement was posted on the Big Picture blog last Monday, "Starting Sept. 1 2012, I Stacy Julian, declare that I will make and send 365 handmade cards with handwritten notes. Now I do not want to do this alone and I know with your enthusiastic support, we can do this. Join me in a pay-it-forward Happy Mail movement where people rediscover the joy of sending and receiving handwritten communication (with a stamp)."

Why participate?
The online world is an exciting place to work and hang out—with new advances in digital media and communication exploding at every turn. Many of these digital tools have established themselves permanently in our daily lives and routine—think email and Facebook. But the sheer volume of digital communication can be utterly overwhelming, driving attention deficit, dehumanization and diminishing returns on our efforts. It’s crazy to her, that these super-convenient tools, celebrated for their ability to connect people, can actually have the opposite effect. This is why Stacy Julian's big idea is very old-fashioned and requires only a pen and a piece of paper.

So, Doodlebug is excited to share their support of the program and have challenged their own design team to pay it forward and send out a card and handwritten message to a friend.

And now on to my contribution to this happy concept: to start with, I created these two cards for both my husband and my sister:

And this is why: "Three years ago my mum died and then last June my stepfather also passed away. Right now I'm having a very difficult time dealing with everyting that comes with this: emptying the house and all the memories this brings. I'm so lucky I have my husband and sister right next to me to help me cope and making sure I don't have to go through this time alone. My husband is my tower of strenght and my sister, well, she's just always there. If it weren't for them I don't think I would have been able to cope. So these two cards are for them! Love them both!"

Please visit Doodlebug's blog for more inspiration and giveaways concerning this Happy Mail concept!!
If you want to know who will receive my next Happy Mail, please come back soon and I'll tell you!!



  1. Oh I love this idea! And I know this time isn't easy for you with so much going on. This is the perfect thing to help. My problem is I want to keep the cards I make!

  2. sorry about your mom and step-dad...thankfully you had some great support. The cards are adorable. Love the colours and design.

  3. Wat een gave kaartjes Monique, met een mooi gevoel erachter! Ik herken er veel van.