Monday, 25 November 2013

Father and Daughter 1964 - Fancy Pants

Wow, two blogposts in one day! That doesn't happen much on my blog. But I really wanted to share this layout too. (Maybe you noticed the layout was gone for a couple of months, but it was published in Scrapbook Trends and so I had to take it off my blog, but here it is again!)

When I came accross Celine Navarro's "father and daughter" layout on Fancy Pants' blog it caught my eye straight away. In her blogpost she says "It's funny how easy it is to scrapbook our family, kids, husband and even our pets, but who can scrapbook US? Nobody scrapbooked our lives since we were a child so why not start today?!" And so, that's what I did!

I scanned some old photos of my father and I dated 1964 and got started: 

I used Fancy Pants' "Memories Captured" collection, which I just love (but I love them all, lol)! And here're a few close-ups: 

This Fancy Pants collection (and also "Wonderful Day") I bought at Paper Issues

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Wishing you a wonderful Monday! 

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