Wednesday, 8 January 2014

December Daily - Pages 11 to 20

As promised, the next 10 pages of my December Daily! Hope to finish it soon, but as life has returned to normal, with the kids going to school again, hubby abroad (Norway this time) and I back at the office, I can't tell when the next 11 pages will be finished. BUT I reallly love working on it, so I'm definitely going to finish it!

Day 11: My youngest showing me the Xmas tree in his class room at school. Day 12: my daughter and her friends at their school's Xmas party.

Day 12: I put up a little Christmas tree at my office. Day 13: my Doodlebug Advent Calendar is a huge success! 

 Day 14: My youngest at the soccer field and the photo above his socs he wore to the game hung on the stove that same evening, lol! 
(In The Netherlands it's not even customary to hang your sock for Santa, as we celebrate "Sinterklaas" on the 5th of December and kids can then place their shoe before the fireplace.)

Day 15: Buying the tree and that same day decorating the tree at home! 

More Day 15 and having fun decorating! Day 16: According to the Advent Calendar Mats can choose tonight's dinner ... MacDonald's! Day 17: Ikea!

  Day 18: Mats and his best friend baking and decorating muffins for their school Christmas party! Afterwards it's time for a little bit of kid's firework. 

Day 19: Timothy all dressed up for his school's Christmas party: 

Day 20: my husband and daughter in Venice, Italy! (not jealous at all!)

And these were my first 20 days of December! Hope you've enjoyed them. Thanks for stopping by and having a peek!! 


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