Friday, 24 October 2008

Some ramblings....

1. First of all, I've changed the settings of my blog, so everyone who wants to leave a comment CAN!! (I hope...)

2. It's raining cats and dogs, therefore no Madurodam today...... (and our pumpkins are stored somewhere dry but out of sight...)

3. Timothy went to Levi's place, that means some peace and quiet for us: YEAH!

4. Today is another potty-training-day for Mats. We promised to buy him another Thomas the tank engine train if he does his you-know-what on the toilet!

5. Manon got tricked into giving a very expensive piece of HABBO furniture to someone she doesn't know without getting anything in return. Actually, that was yesterday. She was so mad and disappointed that she swore she would NEVER go on Habbo (internet site) ever again....guess what she is doing right now??

6. Patrick is still occupying MY diningroom / scrapbook table with his laptop and all his office documents.....(not to mention his conference calls, where we all have to keep quiet...). This has got to stop!!! This way I'll never get another layout done! (entirely HIS fault!!). LOL!

7. My father just send a sms (text message) from Benidorm telling me that it's 30 degrees Celsius overthere!! And that he's having long walks along the I'm not jealous at ALL!

8. No one ever buys me flowers (Patrick!), so I bought some roses myself......but it hasn't done me any good as after 4 days they are drooping and their petals are starting to fall off....

9. I would love to win the € 100.000,- so I could buy tons of new scrapbooking supplies!! Did you see the new Fancy Pants Xmas papers? or their new stamps?? I would LOVE to have some of those!!!

And I'm totally addicted to OWLS!!!! I just have to have every owl I see (but I cannot possibly put an owl on every scrapbook page I make...LOL)!

So enough ramblings for one morning! See you all next time!


  1. great ramblings girl! With lots of laughs.
    Go buy some gorgious scrapstuff on Patricks account if he doesn't leave you on the table with music on!

    Hugs and have a nice (scrappy)weekend

  2. Whats Madurodam? I buy my own flowers too as I never get given them! We have got the new FP Xmas range in our shops and have even bought some!! Did you need to know that?? LOL Have a great weekend - we have 3 days as Monday is our Labour Day.

  3. Ha ha wat een leuk verhaal! Heerlijk om te lezen! En die stempel, die wil ik ook wel graag!

    Fijne avond verder!

    groetjes Sonja

  4. How cute is that owl????? Love it!! I am glad to see you have a lot of interesting people and adventures in your life right now :)

  5. Yes what is Madurodam? Halloween ... ? What's the Kathy Reich book like? I've never read her ... but have been tempted ... my big problem is that kids and scrapping seem to get in the way of my reading anything ... bigtime!!! oh, and 'Go Owls!!' ...