Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Farewell school

Today Manon is having her farewell party at school, such a milestone! After 8 years she's leaving the "basisschool"! (I remember her first day as if it was only yesterday.... how time has flown!) She and her class have been rehearsing musicals and songs for weeks on end. And today is the BIG day!! This morning all the grandparents are invited to come and watch and this evening it's my turn, yeah!!! It's a shame Patrick won't be able to attend because of his trip to Prague, but last Friday he was allowed to see the rehearsals (as long as he promised not to tell me what it was all about!!).

And of course Manon has a little something to give to her teachers. She made a little gift bag for Maria with a dog made of soap in it, I made a card for Sanne who also gets soap, but this time a penguin and Jenya is going to get "wheelers" (wheels which you just click under the heels of your shoes, she saw them during a roller skating "disco" at school and just loved them and since Manon has 2 pairs...) and the card has yet to be made ...

And of course Mats' and Timothy's summer holidays are about to start too, so they have to empty their drawers......this is what Timothy brought home yesterday!!! I even found some invoices for the milk they drink during lunch break, dated March 2009!!!

Boys will be boys!!!!!


  1. Anonymous08 July, 2009

    Heel herkenbaar, die tas.
    En de bedankcadeautjes zien er super uit!
    Groetjes, Stefanie

  2. That is such a big deal for Manon changing schools. Hope she does well at her new one. LOL over the school bag. Aaron was exactly the same.