Wednesday, 2 September 2009

This and that

Good morning,

Are you like me?? Do you start your morning with a coffee and Google Reader?? (after taking the kids to school, walking the dog, cleaning the kitchen and all the bedrooms and putting the laundry in the machine, that is). Then you've probably seen the new post at "Scrap the Boys"..?? Today is the day you have to vote for your favourite layout of August. So, please hop on over and click on my name!!! (if you favor my lo of course....remember the layout where Timothy is eating a watermelon?? that's the one!).

Yesterday I was in my cleaning mode although I've a terrible cold (no, no swine flu for me!) and that was very necessary!! Look at these pics, this is what my house looked like....scrappy stuff everywhere!!!
I really have no idea what to do with all my things, the house is just TOO small!! But I started cleaning anyway and this is what it looks like today!! Much better, huh?? I won't show you the rest of the house because that's still the same (you can only do so much in 1 day).

And more importantly, yesterday was Manon's first day at secondary school!!! She was a bit nervous, but very enthusiastic and of course I had to snap a pic before she set off!

When she came home she was very excited. The day had went very well, the kids in her class are nice and they had been doing all these funny introductory games!
This morning though, there was a bit of a mix up (already), her friend came to pick her up at 7.15 but Manon was still in bed because she was sure they would start an hour later today. Of course she started doubting, but set off an hour later than her friend anyway.....
Now, I can't wait for her to get home and tell me if she was right.....or if she was an hour late on her 2nd day!



  1. Dat ziet er netjes uit zeg. Mijn scrapspullen mag ik ook wel eens netjes op gaan bergen. Goed om te horen dat Manon een fijne eerste schooldag heeft gehad. Ik twijfel er ook weleens over hoe laat ik nu eigenlijk moet beginnen, maar gelukkig is dat (tot nu toe) altijd goed gekomen.

  2. ben ook benieuwd of ze op tijd of te laat kwam.... spannend hoor die eerste dagen. En wat ben jij goed bezig zeg, super!

  3. Wow..look at all your "stuff"! ROFL. Bet you feel better now that you have made a start on it. Yes, yes, yes to coffee and google reader, after everything else of course. LOL

  4. Monique I loved having a look at your house! Youp really are a stash monster!! I am laughing here at all your makes me feel better because I am in the same boat ;-D and also don't have the space for it. I think the answer for us both is custom-made fitted storage that will cost a lot of money! That is my dream for one day I hope...