Thursday, 15 September 2011

Harry Potter ...

This morning, when I visited Kelli Crowe's blog I saw this:

"Dear Harry Potter Kids (Now Adults),
Thanks for beng nice, decent people. Really, you spent what most of us call as the "awkward years" or the time when you make a lot of mistakes as being professional actors. Sure you were paid very well. I'm good with that. But in your free time, you weren't jerks. You didn't get arrested. You didn't flip out and wreck your over priced sports cars. No sex tapes.
If you had gone bonkers, we probably would have understood. Too much fame and money and pressure all at once. But you didn't. You held it together. You acted like you truely liked beng around each other. Not that you signed up for this, but it kept the magic alive for us in between the movies.
And way to go to your families and the people around you. They kept you grounded. Well done. As a fan and a parent, I'm proud of the work you did on and off the screen.
Thanks for, like, forever,
Kelli Crowe"

And being a HUGE Harry Potter fan this really touched me, as it's so true! I never thought about this before, I just took it for granted that in their private lifes they were nice people too..... I mean, of course they are! And now Kelli got me thinking and I appreciate these people even more!
So, thanks from me too ... for being there the last 14 years! I'll miss you!
And thanks Kelli for your fun blogpost!


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  1. We love Harry Potter too and this is a great thing to post as I hadn't thought of this either!

    Congrats on making the Doodlebug DT, its going to be great working with you!