Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Project Life week 3

Still catching up as I only got my PL products a few weeks late, but here's week 3!

What I love about making this album is that usually when looking back on a week I think it's been a fairly quiet week, not much happening at the mo, etc. But now, when I look back, I think wow, it's been a busy week ... we did this and this and that. All kinds of little things I tend to forget are now incorparated in this album! It's amazing. I LOVE this!!

Here are a few close-ups:

Mats' and his friend's birthday party: driving quats, reading Mats one of his favorite books, having a coffee with my friend, baking waffles, attending Mats' swimming lessons, Manon with her friends in front of their school, Mats building a castle, eating "unhealthy" food as my hubby is away and we can (LOL) and then my hubby returning home from California.....

For these two pages I've been using a lot of  the "Year.o.graphy" line from Simple Stories. They are just perfect for a PL album as a lot of the sheets consist of a "cards design" (like the January card) and are a perfect fit for these page protectors. Furthermore, I love the stickers that come with this line.

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a wonderful week!


  1. Its amazing when you start putting it together all the little things that make up your week. Whats the page protector in the top photo?

  2. Wat ben jij goed bezig! Het ziet er erg leuk uit, heerlijk al die "kleine" bezigheden toch?

  3. He wat leuk zeg. Weet je eindelijk waar je tijd blijft :-) wordt een super album. Groetjes, Stefanie

  4. Het ziet er echt geweldig uit en wat een werk maar.....dan heb je ook wat!!
    groetjes Yvonne

  5. Gave PL, Monique! Ik loop nu al achter, maar neem m'n foto's en bewaar alle ditjes en datjes. En het goede nieuws is dat er protectors zijn besteld en bijna op weg naar mij toe... toch makkelijker dan vakjes naaien.

  6. Wat heb je een leuke pagina's gemaakt. Super.



  7. Ziet er helemaal super uit!!!