Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Simple Co-Worker / Neighbor Gift Ideas - Doodlebug

Hi everyone! If you want to create a handmade, yet simple and quick Christmas gift for your co-worker, neighbor, friend or ... whoever, here's a fun idea for a gift bag with a bookmark using Doodlebug's "Home for the Holidays" collection.

Here's how you can make these: start with two plain, kraft, store bought gift bags and a few products from Doodlebug's "Home for the Holidays" collection: 

Cut two strips of doublesided paper approx. 7" x 2.5" and fold the top at 1/3. 

Adhere "flags" from the pixies on top (glue the back of two flags together, so you get an image on both sides): 

And embellish: 

Last but not least adhere two small strips of magnetic tape on the inside, so the bookmark will stay in place in your book and the bookmark is done: 

For the bag: adhere a piece of patterned paper on the front of the kraft gift bag, some ribbon and a bow and clip the bookmark around the front:

And you're done!

And that's it! Really liking how it turned out! Here's a link to my blogpost on Doodlebug's blog.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope to see again soon!

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