Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Good morning everyone!!

Today is my day off and normally that means Scrapping!! but as I have one little sick boy here today is a bit different. Mats has a bit of a fever, coughs (a lot!), has watery eyes and a runny nose and is feeling very sorry for himself..... so that means mom has to read stories, provide drinks and food (which he doesn't eat because everything tastes funny) and well, generally, has to be there. So okay, that's what I do. (Yesterday and the day before I told him to be quiet and to watch tv because I had to work - from home luckily!).

I do have time however to show you this layout I made with Nikki Sivils' papers "Victoria's Street". I really love these papers!

and some details (which you've seen earlier post)

do you see that crocheted flower??? I made it myself!! (with some explanation from my sis!).
This is it, off to make hot chocolate for one really sad looking kid!

Hugs, Monique


  1. Leuke layout & zorg maar lekker voor Mats vandaag - beterschap!
    Leuk je haakwerk!!
    groetjes, Stefanie

  2. That's so cute, Monique!! love the little houses and well done on the crochet flowers.
    Hope Mats feels better soon!!

  3. I am just loving all the wonderful layouts you have posted recently! You do such beautiful work!

  4. Je maakt zulke mooie dingen met dat Nikki Sivils papier. Weer zo'n gave layout! En heel veel beterschap voor Mats!

  5. ahhh, you did such beautiful work!! love this!!
    and thanks for your sweet words!! :)

  6. Have a sick boy now too but not sure yet if its chicken pox! Hope you find some time for some craftiness inbetween the "mothering" LOL. Sounds like he's pretty miserable though and he gets better quick.

  7. Hope your son is doing better and I really love the details in your LO.