Friday, 6 April 2012

Doodlebug Button Home Decor!

Last Tuesday it was my turn for Doodlebug's "Tuesday Tutorial" and I chose to do this fun home decor project. 

People who know me, know I love buttons! And Doodlebug has buttons …. LOTS of buttons! In all shapes & sizes & colors! To avoid hoarding them (that’s what I do when I love something really bad) I decided to create a tutorial around them. So, here’s what I made: a button heart frame!

Here’s how I did it:

1. Gather your supplies: lots and lots of those fun, brightly colored Doodlebug buttons, a piece of fabric, an embroidery ring, a heart shaped template, a pencil and a photo frame.

2. Place your fabric between the two embroidery rings (using an embroidery ring ensures that the fabric stays even and flat and won’t pull to one side because you sew on it). Make sure you leave enough fabric on all the sides, because you’ll need enough fabric later, to fold around the insert of the photo frame.

3. Take your heart shaped template, place it on the fabric and use a (fabric) pencil to draw around (or on the inside of) the template.

4. Start sewing you buttons on the fabric. I used short threads to adhere only 3 or 4 buttons with one thread, so if ever the thread breaks not ALL buttons will fall off!

5.  Once you’re done sewing all the buttons on your fabric, remove the embroidery ring, place the fabric upside down on your work area and place the insert of the photo frame on the back. Fold the excess fabric over back of the insert, add glue to make sure the fabric won’t shift and place inside the frame.

6. Turn the frame around to add a title. I used Doodlebug’s Shin-Dig alpha stickers, which adhere perfectly to the fabric. To decide where to place the title, I stuck the letter stickers on my see-through ruler, which I then held over my work to see how it looked.

7. And this is how the frame looks in my living room!

Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

You know what I would really LOVE? That, if you like this project, you hop over to my blogpost on Doodlebug's blog and tell them! (so they know they haven't made a "mistake" by choosing me for their team ... :) ).

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and I hope you have a happy Easter!


  1. Jeetje wat een werk ! Maar het ziet er schitterend uit !! Fijne paasdagen !
    Groetjes Berdien

  2. Oh dat is super zeg! Idd een hele klus lijkt me maar met een geweldig mooi resultaat!!

  3. Leuk idee zeg! Staat trouwens leuk, die nieuwe fotoplankjes boven de bank! Groetjes Yvonne Poot

  4. I love buttons too :-)
    This is SO awesome, Monique! Great idea, great tutorial, great outcome! I love seeing it in your room. Looks beautiful.

  5. Saw this on the Doodlebug blog - super cute Monique!

  6. Gave tutorial, Monique! Lijkt me heel veel werk, al die knopjes aannaaien, maar ik vind het resultaat wel erg gaaf! Staat leuk tegen je muur!

    Groetjes en fijn weekend!


  7. He wat ben je weer lekker creatief, goed bedacht zeg. Super leuk idee!! Groetjes, Stefanie

  8. Wat is dit geweldig zeg! Wat een werk, maar het resultaat mag er dan ook zijn! Staan leuk zo in jullie kamer!

  9. Fabulous tutorial!! Love this-- it is beautiful!