Friday, 17 August 2012

Winner Give-Away!

I promised you a winner today for the give-away I posted Sunday August 5. First I want to thank all of you to leave me such sweet comments! You're all awesome!!

And now for the winner, I used "" and got this as the result:

I counted everyone who posted on facebook twice and thus got 36 entries.

Without further ado ...... the winner is:

Congrats Margot!! Please email me your details and I'll get the kit in the post asap!!

Thanks everyone for participating and for following my blog!
Love you all!


  1. ohhhhh wat gaaf!!! ik ben helemaal blij!!!!!!!!!!! :D wel goed dat je een hint gaf op mijn blog anders was ik waarschijnlijk niet op de hoogte geweest, dat krijg je als je honderden blogs volgt ;)